Links to Other Interesting or Related Websites

This is the home page of our Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)


Matt Rosebrock's Blog

Our District's Website

A website by Lutherans dedicated to upholding the confessions of the Lutheran Church.

Talk Radio for the Thinking Christian

Higher Things
A site for high school and college age confessional Lutherans

Our Synod's Publisher

Lutheran Heritage Foundation
Publishes confessional Lutheran materials in many languages

Lutherans for Life
An organization devoted to saving and protecting the yet to be born

This is not a Lutheran site, yet it provides many accurate and timely answers on a wide variety of subjects
Online Lutheran Hymnals and music files

KFUO is a radio station in St. Louis Missouri with close ties to the LCMS

Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis is an organization defending the truth and accuracy of the Book of Genesis especially regarding the topic of evolution vs. Creation. It is another non-Lutheran site with much valuable information.

Church Extension Fund
Investment opportunities which provide capital for church and school expansions

Food for the Poor
Helping to feed people in Latin America and the Caribbean

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